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Why Innovation Era Limited?

We have a reputation for delivering friendly and efficient service to our clients, and are committed to meeting the high targets that we set ourselves. We promise, and deliver, the best service possible. Innovation Era Limited strive to leave every employer that requests our help more than satisfied with the staff and service that they receive from us. We offer a range of high quality services to meet the needs of the employers we co-operate with, locating and identifying the correct staff for you based upon the needs of your business. We make sure that the response to every request exceeds your expectations.

Personalised service

Our experienced recruitment consultants work with you to identify your hiring needs and find the right fit within your budget and time frame. Whether you're looking to fill a permanent, temporary or project-based position, our recruitment teams will connect your company with the best industry talent.

Deep industry knowledge

Our team specialises in staff recruitment, with extensive experience and comprehensive knowledge of the employment trends impacting the local market. Their industry knowledge helps ensure that our candidates have the right experience and fit for the position you are hiring for.

Cost effective Recruitment Solutions

In today's market every business is aware that staff can be the biggest liability, and drain, on your resources and revenue. We are here to help provide you with the most cost effective recruitment solution possible, whatever your requirement - nothing is too short or unusual. Whether you have a short-term contract role to fill, or a long term need, contact our team. We can work to find the solution for any and all requirements, finding the recruitment solution that is most cost-effective for you.

Hiring made fast and easy

Let us do the heavy lifting when it comes to hiring. We can handle the time-consuming steps and the administrative details of bringing a new person on board.

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